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Website Makeover

Does your website need a makeover?

Not getting the results you were expecting?
If your website is not performing according to your desired results, then that means you are not getting the right traffic nor the sales associated with that traffic.

The Internet has evolved so drastically over the past 5 years. Your website might not be as updated or effective in being visible to both search engines and your prospective clients, as it should be.

This is where Alexram Internet Services can make help you. You can start by contacting us for a website diagnostics report. We will tell you what is wrong with your website and what needs to be done to fix it.

Ways we can spruce up your website:

  • Do a complete website re-design
  • Work on new optimized web copy
  • Add a different language (French, Spanish)
  • Install and integrate eCommerce/ Shopping cart
  • Perform Search Engine Optimization (Phase 1*)
  • Integrate a Company Weblog
  • Set up newsletter and email campaigns
  • Add Multi-media (audio, video, 3D tours)
  • Add Flash Animation/Program scripting for special effects


*If you would like to take your website's performance to the next level, (i.e., Phase 2), we also offer a Search Engine Optimization monitoring campaign that lasts one year. Ask us how it works.

We can do all this and more. We also offer consultation services on web marketing and promotion. Don't put it off any longer. Contact us today.


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