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Client Testimonials
I had the pleasure of meeting Marisa during the planning of my high school 25 year reunion. She graciously offered her services in developing a website for us. It made it so much easier and efficient for the reunion committee to reach out to the alumni.
I liked the way she handled the project so much that when it was time for me to revamp my own website, I was so happy that she was there and glad to use her services. Marisa not only developed my website, she also web hosts and does the upkeep of my website.
She is always available to discuss ongoing marketing strategy for my website and provides me with good sound advice. I call her my webmistress! Marisa is AWESOME period!!!

Daniela Caputo
Montreal Event Planner

When I started my business I was looking for a company to create my website. One day, I found a postcard in my mailbox from Alexram Internet Services and decided to contact them. The price was very attractive and the service was impeccable. Marisa also takes care of renewing my domain name registration, webhosting and the maintenance of my website. I have been using Alexram's service for over 10 years and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. You can't beat her availability, service, price and knowledge.

Benoit Giroux
Northtouch Canada

I was introduced to Marisa from Alexram Internet Services during a business networking meeting. I immediately asked her to do maintenance on one of my existing websites and also to develop a new website for a new business venture. I had previously used the services of other companies and was always disappointed at the speed of their work. With Alexram, I always get fast efficient service. The updates are done within 48 business hours and if an emergency, she tackles the maintenance immediately. It's like she is my own personal webmaster. She handles the yearly domain name registrations, regular maintenance and the webhosting of both my websites. I would strongly recommend Alexram Internet Services to my friends and associates. I feel confident that the work will get done on time as requested.

Carolyn De Bien
Carolyns Gift Creations
Florist La Quenouille

I met Marisa through a professional association and got to know her work ethics. I felt I could trust her with my company's website and I was right. Alexram developed my great new website and also continues to do the regular maintenance. I have had numerous compliments for my website and positive feedback from clients and associates. Marisa has proven to be very reliable, efficient and professional in her work. I know I can trust them with my web needs. I would absolutely recommend her services. My experience has been a very positive one and I am very happy.

Nedia El Khouri
Viva Vida Art Gallery

Three years ago I decided to get a website for my business. I did a lot of research on the Internet to find a web designer, but none had made an impression on me. Most were more concerned about what they wanted on my website instead of what I wanted.
That's when I found a company called Alexram. I sent in my request form. Within 24 hours, I not only received a quote on how much my website would cost, but also a great exchange of ideas, with Marisa, the owner of Alexram. I discussed with her the type of business I was in and what I was looking for.
Within a 5-day period, I was amazed to receive 7 different samples for me to look at. I was just so amazed at how, with so little information I gave her and in such short time she could come up with 7 samples, of which all of them blew my away. Not only was I impressed by her quick and prompt reply, but also her creativity.
Since my website launching, I have had nothing but great service and support from Marisa. Every time I had a question or needed advice about my website, she always was there to help and guide. I have not received any bad criticism regarding my website, except from my 'jealous competitors'.
My website has even managed to reach and stay at the top 3 and sometimes top 1 in Yahoo, Google and Alta Vista. WOW!
I think and am sure that if it were not for Marisa's creativity, personalized service, and professionalism, my business would not be as successful as it is today.

Sergio Di Sano
Clip Technologies
PS: And now that she also offers Webhosting services I switched over to that too.
I just want to take a minute to sincerely thank you for your time and unbelievable patience. I kept changing deadlines, copy, set ups, etc, and you were always available. It is a lot of work to set up something like that and being a complete zero at it, you made it fun and exciting at the same time. You are a true professional. If everybody was as dedicated as you are to great service, our economy would be a lot healthier. I truly appreciate it and I had to let you know. The web site is fantastic. I'm sure it is one of my best decisions since I started my business in 1999.
Thanks again.

Pierre Michel Bazire
Communications PM
Thanks Marisa,
I'm very happy. It looks great. You did a great job. It is a masterpiece!

Thanks again.

Nancy Salanueva
"There's good service and then there's great service. I could not be happier."
(audio testimonial)
Mike Allen
Vernon, British Columbia
Marisa has an amazing knowledge of Internet technology. Her patience with my sometimes silly questions was astonishing. The design she created for my website is clever, original and beautiful. Marisa goes beyond design to suggest marketing ploys, navigation simplicities and solutions. Her prices are reasonable, especially when you consider her skills. The turn around is fast and efficient. I'm looking forward to enjoying Marisa's brilliant ideas for my next website.

Dr. Bryan Knight
Clue Me In, 50 Fun Paintings to Please and Puzzle You
When it comes to creating a website that grabs and maintains visitor attention, Marisa Ramondo of Alexram Internet Services is a cyber wizard. As a bonus, her rates were a lot less than I was prepared to pay. I have already recommended Marisa's services to several small business owners who know that I am a difficult person to please.

Steve Trotter,
Starting up a new business is a very daunting task. I reached the point where I knew that I needed visibility on the WEB. That's where Marisa and Alexram Internet Services came in. The project that was prepared was innovative, skilled and affordable! I came with an idea and a time frame - Alexram Internet Services not only met, but exceeded my expectations!
Thank You, Thank You!!

Candice Munch
New Residents Connection
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